Publication Date : 01/07/2011

Author(s) :

M. Karthikeyan.

Volume :
Volume 7

Abstract :

The co-operative governance concept relates to the quality of the relationship between the government and the citizens ie., the co-operative system and its members for whom it exists to serve, promote and protect. The indicators for good governance in co-operatives are compiled with corporate culture and ethical climate in co-operatives. The present study is a unique attempt in Ethiopian context. The SACCOs are flourishing like anything and these fnancial co-operatives should think of good governance practices. The study attempts to analyze the indicators of good governance practice in selected self-employed women SACCOs union located at Addis Ababa. Survey method was adopted. The major focus was different stakeholders of the union - members, board members, representative of member co-operatives, paid management. Two stage sampling procedure was employed for the study. Except members of the SACCO union, other stakeholders were selected on census basis i.e., all board members, all representatives from member co-operatives, all paid management staff were selected. Semi-Structured Interview Schedule was administered among sample stakeholders. From among members 4 FDGs were conducted on certain governance issues and Good Governance Issues Report Card also administered to grade the governance indicators. The detail regarding governance issues report card is dovetailed in analysis part of this research paper. The Self-Employed Women’s Savings and Credit Co-operatives Union Ltd is established in June 2005 by 12 primary co-operatives. Currently, the union has 19 co-operative members with 4,200 individual members. The union is rendering services like, savings and credit to members, provision of loans like housing, school and group loans, administration of market shelters, organizing trade fairs, exhibition, bazaars, insurance service on loans, and administrating income generation ventures. As for governance of this union, the member representatives from primary co-operatives, board of management, members and employees have adequate knowledge about co-operatives and co-operative management. They adhere to the co-operative principles and values. They are practicing the four pillars of co-operative governance. They practice governance with good governance indicators. The results will be clearly seen in the full paper. The women SACCO union is an example of good governance model / framework. It can be a model women co-operatives union, which practice good governance for creating a better standard for other co-operatives in the country.

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