Publication Date : 01/07/2006

Author(s) :

Yusman Bin Yacob.

Volume :
Volume 2

Abstract :

An efficient manager must have the capability to practise various kinds of styles that suits the environment in order to achieve the organisational mission and strategic goals. Therefore the management styles adopted by co-operative managers plays an important role in the organisation. The management style of co-operative managers is studied by adopting the theoretical framework of Spectral Management Type Theory. This theory consists of eight management styles; Innovative Style, Developmental Style, Analytical Style, Enterprising Style, Change Style, People Style, Action Style and Adoptive Style. This study compares the management styles between two groups, that of successful co-operatives and less successful co-operative.v] [The findings from the study shows that there is a significant difference of management styles between the two groups. The superior style between the two groups is the Innovative Style. For the less successful co-operative managers, the study shows that they are still weak on the Action Style, indicating that there is a need to improve on the innovative and strategic capabilities of the managers

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