Publication Date : 01/07/2005

Author(s) :

Morai bt. Md. Salleh.

Volume :
Volume 1

Abstract :

This paper discusses leadership in co-operatives which include the board members, CEOs and the managers. Co-operative leader should ensure that the co-operative focuses its purpose. Co-operative leadership and co-operative management should not be separated to ensure mutuality and co-operation. Co-operative values and principles should be the fundamental tools of management practice in the co-operative context for these values are the unique competitive advantage in the market place. Co-operatives have to approach this issue by training CEOs and general managers on co-operative values and principles and how these values are applied in co-operative business. New management techniques such as TQM, Stakeholders Management and empowerment should be adopted by co-operatives to better equip them in facing the challenges of the market economy.

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