The Ministry of Internal Affaars of the Russian Federal Proposed to Introduce Virtual Reality Regulation

The Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation proposed to introduce virtual reality regulation

What happened? The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia believes that virtual reality systems are risks of destructive influence on society. In this regard, the department proposes to adopt a law governing their use. This was reported by the agency information agency TASS.

News on the TASS website

What other statements have been made? According to the representative of the All-Russian Research Institute (VNII) of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Alexander Smirnov, in a number of proposed formats for the consumption of media content, including virtual and augmented reality systems, there is an “increased risk of destructive information and psychic impact”.

To reduce these risks, Smirnov considers it necessary to introduce the regulation of this sphere, as well as introduce the marking of content in addition to age restrictions. In addition, as one of the measures, it is proposed to be endowed with the legal status of volunteers revealing destructive content on the network.

In October, testosteron online kaufen Interpol announced the launch of his own metavselnaya, intended for law enforcement agencies from around the world. The organization also forms an expert group in metavselny. Interpol emphasized that digital worlds can change almost every aspect of everyday life with huge consequences for law enforcement officers.

In May, the UAE authorities called for the creation of international security standards in metavselnaya. The Minister of AI said that the psyche of users can harm the crime in the virtual space, such as the “murder” of the avatar.

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